Taiwan Tech Arena Program

Features of the Program

flyingVest continues to be a partner in the Taiwan Tech Arena startup program, with a presence in both the northern and southern locations. By partnering with TTA, flyingVest aims to foster new startups and assist entrepreneurs to participate in international business events and exhibitions, ultimately expanding their global market reach.

Accelerate business development

Assist with fundraising both domestically and internationally

Provide guidance and foster collaborations for academic and research-based startups

Participate in international-level exhibitions and events

Facilitate resource sharing and exchange in the startup ecosystem

About Taiwan Tech Arena

Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) is a national-level startup ecosystem that connects global technology startups, investment and accelerator programs, and domestic and overseas enterprises. TTA supports innovative development in academic and research-based startups and provides a hub for resources and networking opportunities.

The northern location is in Taipei Tech Arena, while the southern location is in Tainan's Shalun Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site. Taipei Tech Arena has helped hundreds of startups with fundraising and connected global startup resources, and has promoted Taiwan's startup ecosystem on a global scale through world-class exhibitions and events, ultimately assisting Taiwanese startups in expanding their global market reach.

Global market

Cultivate hundreds of technology startups and build an innovative and diverse ecosystem, successfully linking to the international market, and connecting startups to global business opportunities.

Entrepreneurial funding linkage

Gather domestic and foreign investment resources to assist growing startups in obtaining entrepreneurial development funds, enabling promising startups to continue to grow.

Diverse accelerate program

Attract domestic and foreign accelerators to set up bases and launch diverse accelerator programs, effectively leading the growth of startups.


Accelerator Program

  • One-on-one PM
  • Startup Toolbox Workshops
  • On-site Training
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Expert Engagement
  • Finance & Legal Servise
  • Startup Gathering
  • Investors Meetups
  • Connecting with Enterprises
  • Connecting with Global Resources
  • Investment Salon
  • Collider Series Events
  • Demo Day

Recruiting Conditions

Newly established startups, both domestic and international, that are within 8 years of establishment.
Priority will be given to startups operating in the biotechnology and healthcare, AI, 5G, and consumer electronics sectors. However, startups from other industries are also welcome.
Applicants with an interest in expanding into international markets are preferred.
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