flyingVest Accelerator Program

Main Objectives of the Accelerator Program


The selection and training process starts in our ecosystem, and continues in our accelerator.


Provide exposure opportunities to potential investors, especially CVC’s in our network.


In-demand mentorships based on industry focus, induce corporate resource sandbox for supply chain and channel collaboration trial runs.


Global themed events for mindset, as well as global marketing programs with our partners.

flyingVest Global Networks and Resources

flyingVest provides a platform for startups to build connections with local partners in various regions. By leveraging the resources of investors, enterprises, and accelerator partners, flyingVest enables startups to gain insights into the international market and accelerate their expansion. Furthermore, flyingVest helps startups to build a global network of resources and increase their visibility in the global market.

Focus Areas

flyingVest is dedicated to leveraging Taiwan's resources to facilitate the growth of startups in the biotech, AIoT, 5G data, and consumer electronics industries, thereby driving industry development and transformation.


flyingVest Accelerator Program System

Crowd Funding

flyingV crowdfunding for market testing in Taiwan, as well as collaboration with global partners for designated markets.

Content / Creation Marketing

Venue space supports content creation, demo events, media and press, etc.

Ecommerce / Funding

Post crowdfunding channels to increase revenue, as well as early stage investment funding.


Evaluation and mentorship of key factors in the corporate structure, ranging from financial planning and cap table, supply chain and channels, to market expansion and necessary pivots.

Globalize Program

Global market expansion through our partners in various sectors, including international B2B opportunities, online marketing and e-commerce collaborations, as well as joint venture possibilities.

Recruiting Conditions

Newly established startups, both domestic and international, that are within 8 years of establishment.
Priority will be given to startups operating in the biotechnology and healthcare, AI, 5G, and consumer electronics sectors. However, startups from other industries are also welcome.
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