Startup Terrace Program

Features of the Program

flyingVest officially joined Startup Terrace in Kaohsiung in 2023, aiming to bridge industry, academia, and research facilities, focusing on the two key industry "AIoT and 5G data." flyingVest strives to accelerate innovation and foster entrepreneurial talents by bringing in corporate resources, capital, and international market partners to further boost the development of startups in southern Taiwan.

Focus on AI & 5G industry

Connect resources between northern and southern Taiwan

Expand southeast asian market

Resource sharing and co-creation in the startup ecosystem

One-on-one customized consultation


About Startup Terrace

The Startup Terrace has been established to promote the growth of the startup landscape in Southern Taiwan. It connects global tech hubs to bring resources and innovative mindsets to the region, and work to balance the development of the North and South. Located in Kaohsiung Software Park. Startup Terrace focuses on 5G and AIoT, and welcomes startups, international accelerators, and all related partners to join.

Strengthen Kaohsiung's five major infrastructures

Music Center, Port Cruise Terminal, Exhibition Center, Software Technology Park, and TESL.

Enhance cross-sector cooperation with local industries

Linking up Kaohsiung's industries such as metal processing, petroleum chemistry, marine ports and harbors, precision machinery, etc.

Tap into international markets

Participate in international exhibitions and competitions, connect with international accelerators, and invite international startups to Taiwan.

Accelerator Program

  • One-on-one PM
  • Startup Toolbox Workshops
  • On-site Training
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Expert Engagement
  • Finance & Legal Servise
  • Startup Gathering
  • Investors Meetups
  • Connecting with Enterprises
  • Connecting with Global Resources
  • Investment Salon
  • Collider Series Events
  • Demo Day

Recruiting Conditions

Newly established startups, both domestic and international, within 8 years of establishment.
Priority will be given to startups operating in the biotechnology and healthcare, AI, 5G, and consumer electronics sectors. However, startups from other industries are also welcome.
Newly established startups located in Southern Taiwan or those intending to expand into the Southern Taiwan market are eligible to apply.
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