The Secret Weapon of Smart Management Unveiled at the Meet Greater South Startup Pitch on 8/25


The Meet Greater South 2023, August 25th-26th, is set to showcase innovation. flyingVest Accelerator is partnering up with Startup Terrace to host a Startup Pitch Event themed "Intelligent Management". The event features some of flyingVest's portfolio companies such as SolutionStor, Droxotech, and Lockists.

This platform fosters connection of  resources, spotlights intelligent data management, features drone-powered agriculture and industry solutions, and a groundbreaking motorcycle sharing concept. Entrepreneurs, startups, and Kaohsiung locals are all invited to join.


SolutionStor's AI-powered storage virtualization solution eliminates the need for businesses to compromise between storage costs and access performance. Validated by Fortune 100 enterprises, the solution effectively boosts HDD performance by a minimum of 95%, equivalent to SSD levels, while further reducing the exorbitant SSD storage costs by an impressive 95%, thus shifting towards cost-effective HDD options. (Know more:


Dedicated to tailoring unmanned vehicle solutions for applications in smart agriculture, industrial aerial inspections, and beyond. We innovate a wide array of technology modules and seamlessly integrate systems, delivering intelligent mechanical technology solutions adaptable to diverse challenging scenarios. (Know more:


Lockists provides a secure motorcycle sharing service with a designated app and smart lock system. Automating the sharing of all existing motorcycles promotes ESG resource sustainability. (Know more:

【Event Info】

Theme:flyingVest Startup Demo Pitch 

Time:AUG, 25th 10:00 - 11:00

Place:Kaohsiung Exhibition Center|Startup Terrace boots


10:00 - 10:20 SolutionStor Pitch :What are you most passionate about in tech?

10:20 - 10:40 Droxotech Pitch :Industrial Transformation Driven by Innovation: Deciphering the Power of Human-Machine Collaboration

10:40 - 11:00 Lockists Pitch :Let existing scooters share smartly and accelerate industrial

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flyingVest officially joined Startup Terrace in Kaohsiung in 2023, aiming to bridge industry, academia, and research facilities, focusing on the two key industry "AIoT and 5G data." flyingVest strives to accelerate innovation and foster entrepreneurial talents by bringing in corporate resources, capital, and international market partners to further boost the development of startups in southern Taiwan.

If your startup team was established within the past 8 years, regardless of industry and whether based domestically or internationally, you are welcome to learn about our Accelerator Program of Startup Terrace! Know more: