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Tim Cheng, co-founder of flyingV and flyingVest, has spent the last 10+years building companies to fit various stages of the entrepreneurial process.

From building the first crowdfunding platform in Taiwan, to a multi-purpose event space, to Taiwan’s first equity crowdfunding brokerage license, to an accelerator.  The goal is to achieve balance and provide value in all aspects of business: online and offline, creativity and revenue, core value and innovation.

Time : 19/8/2021 16:00-17:00

Place:Free Online Event

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Event Highlights:

.The origins of flyingV and the related ecosystem.

.Crowdfunding highlights: How these campaigns raised millions.

.Venue : A renovated motel designated to urban regeneration.

.Crowdfunding to financing: revenue and equity.

Speaker:  Tim Cheng

President of flyingVest. Co-founder of flyingV, flyingVest, Venue, and Rolla Inc.

Hosted by flyingVest Ventures

Supported by TTA